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Visit to Miandrivazo

The President launch new installations meeting the population’s needs

Visit of the hospital
Visit of the hospital
The surgical unit at the District Referral Hospital and the Land Services building in Miandrivazo were opened by the President of the Republic on the 24th February. These are two new installations which meet the population’s needs. In the field of healthcare, for example, patients previously had to travel to Morondava or Antsirabe if they needed surgery.
The construction of the essential surgery ward at Miandrivazo District Referral Hospital (CHRD), and equipping it with suitable equipment, comes within the framework of cooperation with the AfDB, the African Development Bank, which has also financed the off-road ambulance handed over today by the Head of State to Miandrivazo CHRD. The theatre block particularly meets the needs which can arise during childbirth. To this end, the Head of State delivered a special message to women, especially with the 8th March fast approaching, so that they can enjoy better services, for their health and that of their children, because the wellbeing of the family is the very basis of a nation’s strength.
In the field of land ownership, the building housing all of Miandrivazo’s land services was also opened by the President of the Republic. He observed that currently 20% of the cases dealt with by the national courts fall within the field of land ownership and, in Miandrivazo alone, they represent 44%, which is the highest percentage in the country. Miandrivazo is known for its large areas subject to colonial land titles, and it is primarily up to the state to bring them together so that they can then be distributed to farmers. The construction of the One-Stop Shop for land services is a positive arising from cooperation with IFAD, and meets the population’s needs regarding the land ownership problem in this Menabe region district.
In Miandrivazo, the Head of State called on young people and parents nationwide to strengthen the fight against corruption at all levels. Particularly addressing public service employees, the President, Hery Rajaonarimampianina, asked them to show integrity as they perform their duties.

Miandrivazo Land Services One-Stop Shop:
·  Financing: Malagasy Government, MATOY Programmes and AD2M/IFAD
·  Population size: 156,136 inhabitants
·  Number of titled plots of land: 489, of which 80 are in the name of former colonists, with a total area of 115,195,288 m2

Miandrivazo CHRD:Theatre Block
Financing: Malagasy Government, MATOY Programmes and AD2M/IFAD
Essential surgery equipment · Off-road ambulance

AfDB Financing · Miandrivazo CHRD:
- General medicine, maternity ward, testing laboratory
- Staff: 13 people, including a general practitioner, a surgeon, 8 paramedics, 2 midwives and support staff
- A new off-road ambulance

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