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Towards a regional cooperation of notaries to strengthen the security of the investments in the Indian Ocean area

The Board of Notaries of Reunion, in partnership with the Higher Council of Notaries and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, organizes the second edition of the Conference the Notariats of the Indian Ocean (CNOI). The conference will be held at Lux of Reunion on 24, 25 and 26 September. Over a hundred notaries area gather.

Implemented last year on the side of Madagascar, CNOI takes place each year on a different territory at the heart of the Indian Ocean. Event is part of the extension of the international action initiated by the profession. It brings together, with the International Union of Latin Notaries, around same values near 86 nationalities.
The Departmental Chamber of Notaries of Reunion associates. Equally House of Notaries of the Indian Ocean, she participated in the formation and structuring of notaries in the Indian Ocean region, particularly on the island of Madagascar which is engaged in a major land reform.
At the same time, the Chamber organises the second edition of the Conference of notaries of the Indian Ocean. Punctuated with workshops and conferences, the event professional to develop ties between notaries and build bridges between legal systems leading to strengthen the security of assets.
At the time where reflects a regional economic zone, the inter-island relations of notariats are essential. Thus, by providing a legal framework and by authenticating the acts, the profession plays a major role in the securing of investments and transactions.
Its presence in a territory confirms the decision to invest and represents a guarantee for banks in the financing of opportunities for business and life projects.
By its actions, the profession of notary therefore contributes to the attractiveness of the territories and by extension to the economic development of the Indian Ocean zone.
Emerging regional cooperation of the notariat consolidates the foundations of the economic zone that aims to build the Indian Ocean Commission.


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