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Tourism consolidation through culture shows results

Tourism consolidation through culture shows results
Affordable New Travel Guide Published in Germany confirms that tourism is consolidated through cultural events. Cultural events staged in the Seychelles continues to attract a large number of International Media and Press. These Foreign journalists publish their reports and articles that increases visibility for the destination but some of these journalists visiting the Seychelles sometimes return home to write a few articles or do a TV feature, but some of them write books that will be available in shops abroad (and sometimes locally) for years to come. That is exactly what photographer Udo Bernhart and travel writer Erwin Brunner just did, who had visited the Seychelles just a few months ago: They just got their brand-new travel guide, Seychellen: Zeit für das Beste (“Seychelles: Time for the Best”) published on the German-speaking market.
This travel guide, which sells for an affordable € 14.99 in German bookstores everywhere and — of course — online, features around 450 colorful photos on 288 pages and gives readers numerous insider tips and valuable travel information, on top of vivid images that should whet any traveler’s appetite for the islands. The guide is one of the first books of its type to devote a full double page to the Carnaval International as one of the main visitor attractions in the Seychelles’ calendar of events (ISBN: 978-3765485128).
This travel guide is already the second one published this year in Germany. In May, an update of the Seychelles guide that has been appearing in the highly successful and very popular „Polyglott on tour“ series was published, which sells for € 12,95 (ISBN: 978-3846428764).
German-speaking readers who have been to the Seychelles or are planning to travel there might also enjoy a large-format photo book by photographer Thomas Haltner, which will hit bookstores this month, just in time to find its way under the Christmas tree. Seychellen: Trauminseln im Indischen Ozean (“Seychelles: Dream Islands in the Indian Ocean”) boasts 160 full-color pages and more than 230 spectacular photos, which the photographer took on several trips to the islands over the past few years. This is already Haltner’s second Seychelles book (ISBN: 978-3800344673)

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