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Third encounter of Vanilla Islands in Moroni in the Comoros

The third meeting of the Vanilla Islands takes place this Tuesday, September 17, 2013, at the Hotel Cristal Itsandra in Moroni in the Comoros after the first two editions were held in 2012 in Reunion and Madagascar in May 2013.
The President of the Vanilla Islands and Minister of Tourism and Culture of Seychelles, Alain St Ange, participates in the work in the wake of the appointment of labor Vanilla Islands.
Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros, Mayotte and the Maldives thus want a higher The tourist sector creator of direct and indirect jobs, real perennial lever of growth, is the basis of development initiated by the vanilla Islands.
"Today the vanilla Islands are recognized as a tourist area full with a budget operation and a permanent secretariat", said Alain Saint-angel who is the head of vanilla Islands for a second term and who will return his apron in April 2014. profile by bringing their plurals assets within a single structure regional tourist destination island.

Laurent Chinaud

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