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The plight of a Malagasy worker in Kuwait burned with boiling water and tortured

Her trip to work in Kuwait will remain forever embedded in her memory and engraved in her flesh.
Juliette Andrianarison, mother of 41 years, leaves Madagascar, there's a little more than three months, to fly to
Kuwait Eldorado with in her pocket a contract of employment for a position as housekeeper at home, within a family of a local doctor.

While the latter is treated with dignity, making available a free cell phone to contact her family back to Madagascar twice a week, the doctor's wife welcomes her similarly during the first few weeks before make her discover her true face.

"In late February, while I did not heard her calling me, she unleashed on me with boiling water ... It is especially during times of absence of her husband that she showed her real odious self ", says site, the Malagasy mother, traumatized by her experience lived in Kuwait.

Back to Madagascar with thirty pounds lighter, Juliet Andrianarison relates his hell ... With scarred hands and other second-degree burns caused by boiling water, and a damaged body dotted with injuries by electric baton.

"I had to put aside my conscience to the point of stealing the food I ate. There was a lot of chores to do, so I had to right a few crumbs of bread with a cup of sweet boiling water I did not even have the right to prepare myself ... It was the boss who served me once a day, sometimes 9 p.m., sometimes at 11 p.m. Left to myself, I could not only hide food under my holed apron ... in order to feed myself, secretly in the bathroom ", said Juliette Andrianarison voice weakened by this terrible ordeal.

Antso Rajaona

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