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The most environmentally friendly ship in the Vanilla Islands

A project that link tourism and sustainable development

The design of the ecoship
The design of the ecoship
During a Seatrade cruise conference held at Fort Lauderdale, Yoshioka Tatsuya, founder and director of Peace Boat, ships that have travelled the world's oceans since 1983, announced the construction of the most environmentally friendly vessel in the world.

Inspired by nature and biomimetic design (the aerodynamic upper shell was inspired by whales; the coating resembles the skin of fish) the ecological boat will result in a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Fitted with solar panels (12,000 m2) and sails with retractable masts to take advantage of wind energy, this great vessel, which will come into production in 2017, will sail to many destinations including the islands of the Indian Ocean as from 2020.

Recognised at the COP2 conference, this project takes pride in not producing any waste.
A night club could even generate electricity through kinetic energy produced by the movement of the dancers on the floor.

Collected rainwater and treated wastewater irrigate vertical gardens.

Equipped with 760 cabins, 66% of which will have balconies, the ship will combine both comfort and environmental friendliness.
It will have a capacity of 2000 passengers including 400 crew members. There will be cruises all over the world, stopping at a hundred ports on each trip, at least two of which in the Vanilla Islands.

For Pascal Viroleau, director of the Vanilla Islands "tourism development must respect the environment. The islands of the Indian Ocean are directly affected by global warming. Therefore, after the appeal for the Vanilla Islands presented at Top Resa in 2015, we support this project that combines economic development and sustainable development. "

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Pascal Viroleau and Yoshioka Tatsuya
Pascal Viroleau and Yoshioka Tatsuya

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