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The lawyer Amal Clooney will defend the cause of the Chagossian community before the Supreme Court of London

The weight of support for the Chagossian community that has struggled for many years in the judiciary to get the right to return to their native islands, the lawyer Amal Clooney married since September 2014 to George Clooney, is now a lawyer from the panel of 'lawyers in charge to represent the interests of the Chagos Refugees Group (RCMP).
Amal Clooney will thus defend the Chagossian cause before the London Supreme Court which will rule on a decision made there six years and had kept the Chagossian community to repress their homeland.
As a reminder, the Chagos Archipelago was emptied of 1965-1973 of all its inhabitants in order to install an American military bases including Diego Garcia, the main island of the archipelago, occupied by about 5,000 US soldiers 1,786 Chagossians had been forced to precipitately leaving their native island to have the right to come back to their native islands.
The Mauritian government has been claiming for decades the sovereignty of the Chagos Archipelago and the right of the Chagossians to live there freely.


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