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The island of Mayotte participates in the national week for the employment of disabled workers

For the third year, the island of Mayotte participates in the week for the employment of disabled workers, which opened on Monday at the national level.
A seminar on the subject to the general Council of Mayotte was held yesterday on the subject within the Chamber and other rendez vous will be held throughout the week to educate the public and private  recruitment as well as to the maintenance of the employment of disabled workers.

This week dedicated to disabled workers, 437 are recognized as such in the 101 department, was set up locally by the House of People with Disabilities (MPH) in collaboration with numerous partners.
"In three years, there has been a lot of changes. It was a challenge to bring together as many partners and people with disabilities in the Chamber. And we noted. We even had a visit from an elected ", welcomed Mariame Said Kalame, director of the MPH of Mayotte who was born in 2005 on the island of perfumes.

The MPH has treated some 3,000 cases and has helped hundreds of families to get vested specific allowances for persons with a disability, as the journal of Mayotte relates.
"The means are there. They are not sufficient, but there is. You should now know exploit them. Today we can only rejoice: many things are progressing", says the Director of the MPH who is fighting daily for the professional integration of people with disabilities and their equal to the valid.

Assani Badrudin

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