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The intense tropical cyclone Bansi is moving away from Rodrigues, gusts exceeding 120 km / h were recorded

The intense tropical cyclone Bansi approached at the closest of Rodrigues Island early in the morning.
The intense tropical cyclone was located at 6 hours local time by the points 19.3 South latitude and 64.5 East longitude and evolved about 120 kilometers north-east of Rodrigues.

The meteor continues to move east-south-east at a speed of 15 km / h.
The alert 4 issued at 1 hour is still in force in Rodrigues. Gusts exceeding 120 km / h were recorded.
"On this trajectory, Bansi is slowly moving away from Rodrigues. Bansi has already passed its closest point around 100 kilometers north-east of Rodrigues at 4:00 this morning," said the meteorological station of Vacoas.
The strongest gusts were recorded during the last three hours on the side of Pointe Canon (126 km / h), Plaine Corail (124 km / h) and Citronelle (133 km / h). In 24 hours, rainfall was significant, as in Pointe Canon (125.4 mm), Plaine Corail (165.3 mm) and Citronelle (167.2 mm).


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