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The île de La Réunion Tourisme launches its new campaign to promote francophone markets

L'île de La Réunion Tourisme (IRT) in a press release announces the launch of its new campaign in France as well as in the heart of the Switzerland and the Belgium francophone markets. An advertising campaign developed around three visuals that address the themes of relaxation, hiking and water sports on the island of Reunion. Below the full release of the IRT.

The IRT (Ile de La Réunion Tourisme) launches today a major promotional campaign in France and the Switzerland and the Belgium francophone markets. 
WONDERFUL and SUDEDITO two agencies South of the France won at the beginning of the call for tenders to imagine and create new brand strategy and communications campaign to promote the "Ile de La Réunion" destination.
From 14 April 2014, the new concept of communication declined on the basis of three new visual will appear in the subway in Paris 4X3 networks as well as bus shelters, kiosks and rear of buses in several cities in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes) for his first signal display performed by Promo Press Media.
"The campaign will also be visible on-line on sites such as Le Parisien, The Internet, and mobile media BFMTV.
Surprising and creative, this new campaign is a complete break with the codes of communication postcard.

The aim to surprise and especially stand out. The new concept of communication was designed to attract the traveller and take him to the Reunion Island, a real journey of emotions, to the discovery of an authentic and unspoiled Island inscribed in the world heritage of Unesco. 
"We have chosen to set us apart to make emerge the island of Reunion of other travel destinations long haul such as Mauritius or other islands of the Antilles or the Indian ocean while securing the interests of the consumer and memorization of the concept", says Pascal Hébrard, founder of the WONDERFUL Agency. "This is the reason why we made the bet, with the IRT, a quirky and unexpected campaign. The Reunion is a destination stay active and also this is that we wanted to put forward ".
Three campaign visuals available on three main themes that are relaxing, hiking and water sports portray a character with background of landscapes of the island to the image of the authentic and intense character of the island and in connection with the theme of the Visual.
Worn by hooks firmly shifted that speak directly to the consumer
The new communication concept that has been the subject of test IFOP before its launch has already collected a rate of satisfaction very encouraging to those surveyed."


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