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The former Minister of Finance Rama Sithanen: "Mauritius is one of the few if not the only in the world to choose 24 ministers from 31 deputies"

The former great financier of Mauritius, Rama Sithanen, proposed on the sidelines of a conference on electoral reform in a hotel in Port-Louis, that Ministers can now be selected outside the single pool of members of the majority and that they are more appointed on the basis of single ethnic communities of origin as shown in Le Défi Quotidien.

"Mauritius is one of the few countries, if not the only one in the world to choose 24 Ministers among 31 deputies. France chooses among 65 million citizens and Kenya, deputies  cannot become Ministers. I do not say that it will have to go further, but we need to find a system that would allow us to choose the best competencies ", said former Finance Minister Rama Sithanen.

Fabrice François

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