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The deputy Noël Mamère vigorously denounces the Balladur visa at Mayotte

The Deputy Noël Mamère, who decided in late September last to slam the door in his party of Europe Ecologie - the Greens (EELV) after 15 years of loyalty, denounced in a long article written on his blog of the visa Balladur in the wake of the tragedy off the coast of the island of Lampedusa in Italy which has cost the lives of more than 300 migrants from Libya after the sinking of their boat last week.

"While we are witnessing them unbearable on our television screens, a same crime is repeated every day in the Comoros, in the most abject silence", wrote Noël Mamère who wants no more of these shipwrecks of kwassa-kwassa repeatedly.

"The France of Holland, barricaded in Mayotte, flouts international law by continuing to apply in all its harshness the rules arising from the visa Balladur. Since 1994, more than 8 000 deaths were thus counted in the 70 km-wide inlet that separates the island of Anjouan of Mayotte", notes Noël Mamère.

'Migratory flows are not invasions, but normal population movements in an open world', says on his blog the Mayor of Bègles in Gironde, resigned from EELV.
As a reminder, the introduction of the Balladur visa in 1994 banned the free movement of people between the island of Mayotte and the rest of the archipelago of the Comoros.

Assani Badrudin

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