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The "dance of behind" sets fire to the Malagasy culture

The "dance of behind" sets fire to the Malagasy culture
The dance of behind, called "kolom-body", is in the heart of lively controversy among some actors who are fighting daily for the development of the Malagasy culture and its influence.

Lucien Randrianarivelo, Director of the Palace of the Malagasy Academy of Tsimbazaza, in Antananarivo, is still furious on the challenging character of the dance of behind conveyed in recent years in society through music videos which orchestrate the female body for mercenary, according to him.

"I do not see how the rear has something beautiful and artistic in this dance that ostensibly shows that part of the body", denounces Lucien Randrianarivelo, shocked by "the culture of provocation".
Many artists are of the same opinion and openly criticize a dance that denigrates women and the image it reflects to the society. Some advocates of this cultural practice does not mince words, conversely, to defend a legacy coastal areas of the Big Island, where the dance is experienced as an art of living, as relates.

"Move the rear is the Malagasy culture. As you move the arm, breast, stomach, you also move the rear. Maybe in the Highlands, people are more modest than on the coasts... but there is no question to show ostensibly this part of the body. Women often wear the salovagna (Editor's Note: canvas dress) when they dance", argues Jaojoby Eusèbe, -songwriter and performer.

Antso Rajaona

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