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The boss of the gendarmes of Madagascar: "The real solution is to end the transition as soon as possible"

Major General Richard Ravalomanana, gendarmerie commander, does not beat around the bush and denounces "a broken system" to deal with the growing insecurity in the south of Madagascar, orchestrated by thieves of zebu (dahalo).
"I ask you the question. Safety is a priority for us. We accept that security is the center of gravity of our existence", he asked himself during a radio program and responding immediately in the negative.

In this exercise of free speech, with the backdrop of the increase in thefts of cattle in the region of Fort Dauphin and breaking with the traditional silence of the Malagasy constabulary on company events, Major General Richard Ravalomanana regrets the delay in adequate resources promised by the regime to fight against insecurity created by dahalo, as related

"Other countries do not trust the transition even if it is a purchase ... The real solution is to end the transition as soon as possible", said the boss of the police Malagasy Richard Ravalomanana.

As a reminder, ranchers of the South of the Big Island are victims of large-scale raids, with thieves of zebu, in particular heavily armed with Kalashnikovs and do not hesitate to use their weapons of war to steal cattle.

In recent weeks and "temporary" end in December of Tandroka military operation (take the bull by the horns), established by the Government of Transition against dahalo, thefts of cattle continue to feed the section of news items in Madagascar.

Zebu theft comes from old traditional Malagasy traditions. Symbol of manhood before marriage, mafia gangs have turned away from its original meaning, and providing them with lucrative profits.

Antso Rajaona

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