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The alcohol dependency rate higher in Mauritius than in other African countries

According to a recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO), Mauritians consume an average of 3.6 liters of alcohol each year. The dependency rate of alcoholic drinks in Mauritius is thus 1.9% against 1.5% in African countries.
Men drink about 5.9 liters of alcohol per year, while the fairer sex for her part consumes approximately 1.4 liter. Mauritian consumers are adherents of beer (66%), spirits (21%) and wine (12%), also relates WHO.
As a reminder, 250-300 deaths annually in Mauritius are directly associated with excessive alcohol consumption on the island.
Each year, it is thus some 6000-7000 patients having health problems due to excessive consumption of alcohol who visit hospitals for treatment.
Mauritians bought as many as 53.5 million bottles of alcoholic beverages in 2012 for expenditures amounted to 2 billion rupees (about 50 million euros), including 4 million bottles of wine, 12.6 million whiskey and rum bottles and 36 million beer cans.


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