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The Tamil community entered the 5115 year!

The Tamil New Year is deemed to be a strong time of sharing of knowledge, skills and values of Indian culture. This Sunday, April 13, 2014, the Reunionese of origin Tamil celebrated 5115, according to the Hindu calendar year. On the occasion of the New Year Tamil 2014, Saint-André invited the general public to discover the India and its traditions in the Park of the Colosse.

The Tamil community entered the 5115 year!
The day of the Tamil New Year is an important date for the Tamil community. The festivities related to this celebration are listed for several years in the calendar of events to the island of Reunion. Over time, the religious and cultural event has established itself in terms of quality.
Sunday 13 April, the Park of the Colossus of Saint - André offered many workshops of Indian art, with demonstrations and tastings of cakes by dholl puri (split yellow peas slab) and Indian tea, a stand of drum-making and a stand of information about Indianness, demonstrations of henna and laying of saris,... Several shows were held on the side of podium with benefits of dance and rhythmic performance of sacred drums of Saint-Pierre.
Puthandu vazthukal * to the whole Tamil community!
Annually, in the month of April begins a new year for the Hindu Tamils. In this morning's feast, embracing bath ritual, followed by a religious ceremony that brings together members of the family.
The Tamils, wearing new cloths, thank God for all the graces granted throughout the year. Through their prayers, ask also blessings and happiness for their homes and their families for the New Year.
This is a favourable time for reconciliations, meals, and cultural performances. It is also an opportunity for children to receive gifts by the family.
According to the lunar calendar, the New Year is celebrated on 13, 14 and 15 April. This date change is related to the number component days the previous year.
Offerings are made to the deities including Ganesh and Muruga. Tamils offer cakes of rice, milk and sugar and asked the gods to watch over them. Traditional element of the Tamil new year: the preparation and sharing of specially designed meals.
Dishes married six flavors including sugar, salty, sweet and sour and bitter, representing the different components of everyday life: good as bad times.


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