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The Seychelles welcome the world's tallest man

World's tallest man meets with the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture as the Circus of Samoa prepares to open its door this week

World tallest man and Alain St Ange
World tallest man and Alain St Ange
Sultan Kosen, the man who holds the Guiness Book of Record for the tallest living male met Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture at the Circus Grounds in the Centre of Victoria but days before the official opening of the Magic Circus of Samoa in Seychelles. Sultan Kosen is part of this year's circus delegation and will be in Seychelles until the third week of March.  Seychellois and residents will be able to see this unbelievable 'giant' as he is set to be present for the circus performances in Victoria. This is the only the second time a fully fledged circus has landed in Seychelles. The Magic Circus of Samoa first came to Seychelles some three years ago.

"Sultan Kosen is unbelievably tall. As we spoke he was seated, but as he stood up for a photo opportunity his height is unbelievable and will impress everyone who meets him" said Minister St.Ange who was today meeting Bruno Loyale, the President and CEO of the Magic Curcus of Samoa to discuss the possibility of also getting the circus delegation to the island of Praslin.

"We continue to try to get as many Seychellois to see the circus and we are really hoping to get a performance on Praslin and even maybe on La Digue. We have a lot of logistics to overcome but the good thing is the Bruno Loyale is keen to hear our plea to get Praslin and La Digue to also enjoy the circus as it is once again in Seychelles" said Minister St.Ange

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