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The Comoros accent a new program of growth of accelerated sustainable development strategy

The Comorian authorities, after the end of the program "Strategy of growth and of Reduction of poverty" (CPRs) decided in 2009, have enacted last week during a workshop a new plan for the period 2015-2019 named 'Strategy of growth for sustainable development (SCA2D)'.
"This is an integrated framework of development which will articulate strategies and the roles of the various actors around the common and shared objective to accelerate growth... and generate jobs to reduce poverty", stressed Dhoinine Ikililou, president of the Republic of the Comoros.
Dhoinine Ikililou wishes to "increase revenue of the Comorians of 4% per annum during the next five years" with an annual growth of 6%.
In order to reach these economic objectives, Comorian president put on "private development of quality infrastructure, improving the climate of business, support to the sector" and "diversification of the economy", as reported by the newspaper La Gazette des Comores.
To Said Mohamed Ali Said, the Secretary General of the Government, the workshop was intended to "create a common understanding of the challenges of economic and social development that the country must face in the years to come and to make strategic choices of the axes of the SCA2D".
Philippe Lacoste, the Ambassador of France in Moroni, expressed the wish the program of 'Accelerated sustainable development growth strategy (SCA2D)' to follow the same route as the plan "Strategy of growth and of Reduction of poverty".
The Ambassador of France in Moroni also pointed out that of the Comoros archipelago is facing "problems of development" and has "challenges to face".

Anli Saendou

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