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Tanzania Tourism Trade stand with St.Ange of Seychelles for the UNWTO elections

A new support to Alain St Ange

The  SG UNWTO candidate
The SG UNWTO candidate
Corina Fernandes, Executive Secretary of the Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA) has written to the Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to confirm their endorsement of Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Candidate for the post of Secretary General of the UNWTO.

The support letter which has been copied to Moustafa Khataw, the Chairman of TASOTA speaks of the suitability of St.Ange for the United Nations position, as one who could continue with the good work done by Taleb Rifai, the outgoing Secretary General.

In their letter TASOTA states that it is the turn for Africa to lead the tourism world body when they write:- "We believe that in fairness it is the turn of Africa to take this leadership role of world tourism, but we also know that we in Africa cannot win that seat just by ourselves which is why we are supporting a candidate we know has the chance to make Africa proud. Promoting and defending global tourism is a challenge we believe Alain St.Ange can do as he continues the work you have yourself started.
Mr Secretary General, today the world is but one and we need the new Secretary General of the UNWTO to be able to rise to this challenge. You came from Jordan, and was one the world across all borders welcomed, and we believe that Seychelles would be a suitable successor to your era.
Alain St.Ange has worked diligently for the tourism industry of his country and he never stopped tying in the African mainland with the Indian Ocean Islands in joint marketing for twin centre packages. We always followed his approach for a successful tourism development program which is why we are today coming forward to endorse his candidature. We hope Alain St.Ange will win the day" said Corina Fernandes, Executive Secretary of the Tanzania Society of Travel Agents (TASOTA)

Alain St.Ange has welcomed this letter of endorsement by the tourism private sector trade of Tanzania. "I worked with so many tourism bodies during my long career in tourism. My years in the private sector brought me close to the trade from different parts of the world, and the more recent years in the public sector as a Minister only brought me closer to the tourism front line team of so many countries as we worked on joint approaches and strategies together" said Alain St.Ange of the Seychelles

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