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Stripteaser in Mauritius, between the weight of tradition and sensuality

Often subject to the criticism of customs and religion, striptease is back on stage for a sensual striptease since recent years.
Nowadays widely tolerated in the world of night in Mauritius despite the weight of tradition, stripper traces its route in the shadow of night clubs.
More and more private institutions in the North of the island offer their clients, men and women, erotic shows where dancing and striptease combine to highlight the feminine charm in its purest form.
Julia, 24 years old and swayed her hips in scantily clad nightly in Grand Baie for several years and says her work is not at all vulgar, as related site.
The woman wants to silence critics, even though she knows that the road is still long for popular acceptance of what she considers as art.

"My complaints are mainly for women. They are the first who have to change their mindset. We are normal women. When I was traveling in Thailand, I visited several clubs of striptease and people there respect the strippers. They are treated like stars", she says.
For another stripper, Karen, a mother of 28 years, it is rather the assurance of a job and a stable income that had dictated her choice.
"It is now three years since I've been doing this. I chose to be a stripper. This was a conscious decision that I made with the approval of my husband. Before I worked in calls centers, I did not have a steady job ... I, above all, had to convince my husband, which has not been easy. Initially, he did not want, but when I explained that this work would permit me to take care of my two children during the day and work at night, he was convinced ", says Karen.
A work of stripper that Karen does not regret today because she was able to build a future. "Thanks to this work, I could save money to buy land and build my house. People may think what they want, but it allows me to feed my children and progress financially", she added.

Fabrice François

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