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Seychelles should make their entry to the WTO in late April

After 18 years of talks, the Seychelles wish to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the end of April 2014.

Upstream of this accession, Seychelles multiplied bilateral agreements with Canada, Mauritius, Oman, Switzerland, and recently island with the European Union and Thailand.
Discussions are still ongoing with the United States.
According to the WTO, during negotiations, the archipelago whose tourism and fishing are the economic pillars, pledged that their export subsidies are reduced to zero.

Seychelles thus exports mainly canned tuna to the European Union, main trade partner of the archipelago.
In a statement issued at the end of bilateral negotiations in October, the European Commission stressed that in her membership of Seychelles "would be the last contribution to the process of economic reform and development of the Seychelles."

Fabrice François

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