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Seychelles: Tourism professionals take ownership of the history of their archipelago

Photo Seychellois Nation newspaper
Photo Seychellois Nation newspaper
Seychellois tourist guides and the staff of two receptive agencies of the archipelago currently participate in the national cultural center in Victoria in courses to learn in depth the insular history of Seychelles.
Courses are thus taught from the middle of the week, until March 12, by the historian and French cartographer, Richard Touboul, "well-known in Seychelles for his various works" and for his last exhibition "Les Seychelles: des isles … des hommes", as indicated in the Seychellois Nation newspaper.

For his part, the Minister of tourism and Culture of the Seychelles, Alain Saint-Ange, welcomed the implementation of such a programme for cultural enrichment for 50 professionals of tourism in quest to appropriate the history of their archipelago and its promotion.
The participants thus develops their knowledge on the French period of the archipelago of the Seychelles from 1742-1815, the English period from 1815 to 1976 and those precede the archipelago under Arab, Portuguese and Dutch domination.
Various themes will be addressed including the old mapping, discoveries, taking possession, explorations and other maritime routes.

Laurent Chinaud

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