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Seychelles: Thousands of birds from the Bird Island at the honour of a Hong Kong newspaper

The Singaporean photographer, Imran Ahmad, and professional of the image among Nikon, published in the online newspaper of Hong Kong, Ming Pao, a snapshot of the Bird Island in the Seychelles showcasing the preserved natural heritage of Bird island and its thousands of birds *.
Marie-France and Guy Savy, two nature lovers bought the Bird Island in 1967.
The minister of Tourism and Culture of Sechelles, Alain Saint Ange, has saluted on his part, the work of preservation and protection of the environment accomplished by the Savy couple, who according to him is a “model to follow”.
As a reminder, the Bird Island is located at some hundred meters to the north of Mahe island, is 1.5 kilometers long and 0.5 km wide and has develop a tourism at the heart of the ecolodge.
Two species of sea turtles that were in danger of extinction also always come to lay their eggs on the beaches of the Bird Island.
* Grey Plover, columbine zebra, frigate, Red-footed Booby, puffin fouquet, phaeton with yellow beak, ruddy, green herons, marianne noddy tern martin, swallow and straw-tailed

Laurent Chinaud

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