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Seychelles: The popular Mauritian humorist singer Laval Disco present at Kreol Festival Seychelles

The popular humorist Mauritian, Laval Disco, whose real name is Gino Langevin, who excels in the interpretation of comic songs, will be at the party during the 28th edition of the Seychelles Kreol Festival which runs from October 25 to 31, 2013 in Victoria.

Performer pieces that have been successful with the Mauritian public, like "Zoli Zoli", or " ene zoli fam ", and also "Dalon", Disco Laval will evolve along with the other artists of creole musical culture at this high festival in color in the heart of the archipelago.

"Just the idea of ​​thinking that my comic songs are appreciated by the public console myself from the past fills me with happiness for the present and hope for the future," Langevin Gino had given it a few weeks during an interview with the newspaper Le Défi Quotidien.

Laurent Chinaud

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