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Seychelles: The global environment facility grants 10 million dollars for the protection of the archipelago

Each year, the Seychelles archipelago experiences water shortages and flooding when heavy rains caused by climate change.
Three agreements relating to projects of protection of the environment, to adapt to climate change and for better energy distribution was recently signed by the Government of Seychelles and the United Nations program for development (UNDP).
The Fund for Global Environment Facility (GEF) is thus committed to nearly 10 million dollars to support these projects.
The first project requires the release of 6.5 million dollars over six years for the financing of measures for adaptation to climate change on the island of Mahé and Praslin Island, in particular in the fields of water shortage and against the risk of flooding.
The second project extending over a period of five years is encrypted to approximately 2 million dollars and focuses on the preservation, protection and the strengthening of biodiversity in several islands of the archipelago.
The third project is directly related to the promotion of renewable energies in the Seychelles, where 90% of the energy comes from imported fuel, as reported by Seychelles News Agency.    

Nuzhah Mungly

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