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Seychelles: The acquisition of Seychellois nationality may be subject to an examination of postulants

The authorities are currently working on the implementation of several measures for persons wishing to acquire Seychellois citizenship.
The authorities of the Seychelles archipelago currently working on the implementation of several measures for people wishing to acquire Seychellois nationality.
This review follows the amended Seychellois Citizenship Act and which came into force in November 2013.
The first candidates could be subject to this review as early as the month of May, as reported by the Seychelles New Agency press.
In his message to the Nation in February 2013, the Seychellois president, James Michel, had particularly insisted on the acquisition of Seychellois citizenship.
"Marrying a Seychellois will not suffice. The duration of residence is not enough. A foreigner who wishes to become a citizen of Seychelles shall deserve it. Foreigners must know, understand and appreciate the Seychelles, its constitution, its people, its history, its culture, aspirations and heritage! These persons must be fair and sincere in Seychelles", had said last year the Seychellois president James Michel.

Laurent Chinaud

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