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Seychelles: The Seychellois tourism helps fund in large part the social system of the archipelago

The Minister of tourism and the Culture of Seychelles archipelago, Alain Saint-Ange, was at the honour, in late May, of the site who interrogated the one described as "the architect" of strong tourism growth recorded in recent years in the archipelago and with such an increase of over 46% between 2009 and 2013.
 "Seychelles Tourism lives a real success on all fronts. All hotels are currently full. We are full with normal rates and not with ‘discount’ prices. Two important points: it has succeeded in retaining the Seychelles as a destination of quality, wanted and not a mass tourism destination", thus stressed the Minister of Tourism of Seychelles Alain Saint-Ange.
"2 and a half years ago, the Seychellois president, James Michel, has drawn a roadmap for tourism. He hoped that the people of Seychelles can be found in this adventure... So, we put in place devices facilitating the opening of small structures (cottage, host table, hotel...)... In a short time, we recorded more than 200 openings. And the result is important: the people of Seychelles is now involved and defends the tourism", said the Minister of tourism of the archipelago, Alain Saint-Ange.
"Tourism is, and will remain, the pillar of our economy. Therefore, as a first step, we must train the Seychelles to prepare. A hotel school will come in this sense, the end of this year... We must have new hotels, we must continue to grow constantly. Tourism to finance our social system in large part (free in hospitals, schools...), we must not forget. But this development must be done step by step," said the Minister of tourism of the Seychelles, Alain Saint-Ange, who advocated in conclusion the nesting continues to the insular culture at the heart of the Seychellois tourist edifice, as it is put forward at the international Carnival in Victoria.
As a reminder, 230.272 tourists visited Seychelles in 2013, an increase of 11% compared to the figures recorded in 2012.

Laurent Chinaud

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