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Seychelles : The Seychelles archipelago's resolve to combat human trafficking hailed

UN Special Rapporteur, Dr Joy Ngozi Ezeilo (photo
UN Special Rapporteur, Dr Joy Ngozi Ezeilo (photo
Seychelle's resolve to combat human trafficking was hailed by Dr Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, UN Special Rapporteur on such crime against humanity, particularly women and children. This latter is in Seychelles to study  the situation  and hence, will formulate recommendations on the prevention and the struggle of human trafficking.

The United Nations representative has underlined Seychelles' determination to fight against this crime as suggested by the country's ratification of conventions and protocols related to this matter. However, she added that the country must accelerate its efforts in putting the appropriate mechanisms in place for such purpose.

Dr Ezeilo has reiterated her appreciation towards President James Michel for his interest shown in her visit and for his personal engagement in the fight against human trafficking. This, she added, shows his political will and leadership to tackle this phenomenon.

She hopes that President Michel will take the necessary measures, in particular, towards the implementation of the preliminary findings report on human trafficking, as reported by Nation newspaper.

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