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Seychelles: The Minister of Tourism, Alain Saint-Ange, decorated by the Mahatma Gandhi Award for his actions by the Indian authorities

The Minister of tourism and the Culture of Seychelles, Alain Saint-Ange, was recently decorated by the Indian authorities of the Mahatma Gandhi Award for its different actions at the heart of the archipelago for the strengthening of relations between the great Peninsula and the Seychelles.
Sherin Naiken, Director of the Office of tourism of Seychelles and the former Ambassador of India in Seychelles, Thanglura Darlong, attended the prize giving ceremony of the Mahatma Gandhi award Alain Saint-Ange.
As a reminder, the Tourism Department organizes for the second consecutive year the celebration of the India to the Seychelles from 3 to 5 October 2014.
Kitchen, Indian music and Bollywood celebrities had notably held the top of the keypad to the delight of the Seychellois public at the first edition in 2013.
A photographic exhibition on the life of the first five Indian settlers (Charvy, Moulia, Meinatte, Corinth and Domingue) from the Malabar Coast and landed in Seychelles in 1770, had also traced backdrop of Indian emigration in Seychelles.
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Laurent Chinaud

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