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Seychelles: Strategic meeting of the Seychelles Tourism Board

The main actors of the tourism sector, first economic pillar of the archipelago and gathered within the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) recently met to discuss of the situation of the tourist industry in Seychelles in the wake of the slight decrease registered in the first half of 2014 including on the European market and from the Gulf countries.
The Tourism Office Director of Seychelles, Sherin Naiken , stressed the new challenges awaiting the destination with travellers who must have wanted to visit the archipelago despite the global economic crisis affecting the sector.
The Seychelles Tourism Council thus highlighted the lack of direct flights to the archipelago, which has impacted negatively on tourist arrivals during the first six months of the year and the need also to make more visible online the promotional slogan of the archipelago "Seychelles another world", as reported by Seychelles News Agency.
As a reminder, Chinese tourists have landed more and more in the Seychelles, with growth estimated at more than 117% for the first half of 2014.
Tourists also increased their budget expenditures during their stay in the archipelago of Seychelles on this period.
230.272 tourists * visited Seychelles in 2013, an increase of 11% over the previous year.
 * Country of origin and number of tourists who travelled to Seychelles in 2013

1. France 35.698
2. Germany 33.424
3. Italy 21.662
4. Russia 14.125
5. UAE United 13.836
6. South Africa 13.212
7. Britain and Ireland 12.514
8. China 7.714  

Laurent Chinaud

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