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Seychelles: Several African Ministers of Tourism for a historic meeting in the heart of the archipelago in the wake of the 2063 Agenda for Africa

Three African Ministers of Tourism (Gabon, Gambia and South Africa) together with representatives of the African Union today participate for two days (13-14 March 2014) in the heart of the Seychelles archipelago in a technical meeting to develop tourism that promotes sustainable development in its founding principles.
Minister of Tourism and Culture and President of Vanilla Islands Seychelles Alain, will chair the discussions in the framework of Agenda 2063 for Africa continent who wants to industrial and commercial power in less than fifty years.
Pascal Viroleau, Director of Vanilla Islands and the Seychelles, Elsia Grandcourt, Director for Africa within the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) are also present in this "historic meeting" which aims to end that the benefits tourism sector growing on the African continent can even be used for socio-economic development of populations.

Laurent Chinaud

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