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Seychelles: Search for oil off the coast of the island of Mahé near the Amirante islands

Photo Seychelles New Agency
Photo Seychelles New Agency
After a crossing of twenty days to link the archipelago of the Seychelles to Australia, MV Jupiter geological research vessel is docked in the port of Victoria.
In a few days, the 68-metre long vessel must participate in a mission of samples of possible oil sludge near the Amirantes Islands to the South of the island of Mahé, and this, under the aegis of the Petro Seychelles society.
The ship with a crew of 11 marine, technicians and scientific canvass so on zone for two weeks and the collected samples will then be analysed abroad, as Seychelles New Agency reported.
 "This operation to take samples of sludge to a depth of 300 meters will allow the company to reduce costs, because analysis of sludge, provides a good overview, there is oil in the marine basements of Seychelles", stated the Director of Petro Seychelles, Eddy Belle.

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