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Seychelles: Riot police trained with maintenance of order techniques

Photo journal seychellois Nation
Photo journal seychellois Nation
Officers of riot police belonging to the Public Security Support Wing (PSSW) deployed in the Seychelles in case of disturbances in the archipelago have completed the second and final phase of their training in maintaining order and intervention techniques.
Members of grouping of the gendarmerie of Reunion thus provided their professional know-how for rapid reinstatement of public authority on the ground during the riots or demonstrations which degenerated by the presence of uncontrolled elements.

The closing ceremony of Completion was thus held last Friday at the Police Academy at Pointe Larue in the presence of a formal parterre, including the Minister of Internal

Affairs of the archipelago, Joel Morgan, Ambassador of France to Seychelles, Geneviève Iancu, and the Commander of the gendarmerie of Reunion, Colonel Jean-Pierre Michel.
"We can say with confidence that the Franco-Seychellois cooperation is alive and healthy," said Minister of Internal Affairs of Seychelles, Joel Morgan, as the Seychelles Nation newspaper reported.

As a reminder, the first part of the training had already been provided in September last by Reunion gendarmes.

Laurent Chinaud

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