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Seychelles: Repeated theft of coconut on the island of Praslin

Photo Seychelles News Agency
Photo Seychelles News Agency
The famous Seychellois sea coconut, endemic in the archipelago and which the tree grows naturally on the island of Praslin is a victim, despite its inclusion on the list of the IUCN endangered species *, of repeated thefts.
Last weekend, a dozen of sea coconut has thus been stolen in the heart of the natural Reserve of the Vallée de Mai listed world heritage of the UNESCO.
Poachers left with 17 sea coconut arriving only at maturity on average at the end of 8 years.
An ecological disaster for the reserve authorities who have decided to strengthen the supervision of largest seeds of the world, as reported by the Seychelles News Agency website.
As a reminder, three months ago some ten t sea coconut had suffered the same fate, another important reserve, Ferdinand Praslin reserve on the island of Praslin.
* Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature

Laurent Chinaud

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