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Seychelles: President James Michel advocates the development of the blue economy at the top of the Commonwealth

Seychellois president James Michel, who was present in Sri Lanka for the Summit of the Commonwealth in Colombo from 15 to 17 last November, has advocated before the heads of State and Government of Commonwealth development of the blue economy.

"Over the past centuries, our oceans were not considered as priority areas in terms of sustainable development. They have rather been sources of competition for the extraction of resources, “said the Seychellois president.
James Michel has also highlighted the need to transform the relationship of States with the ocean, and this, as soon as the agenda 2015.

"We must find the appropriate framework to reconcile the protection and development of marine resources in the States sovereign rights, and the principles of shared development. We also ask that more attention be given to define the vulnerabilities of Small Island developing States, and those also developing. We believe that the Commonwealth is best placed to support these small developing State islands ", said the Seychellois president.

James Michel in addition insisted on the urgency of the mobilization around climate change that threaten small State islands.
As a reminder, the Seychellois president was notably accompanied for this official visit to Sri Lanka by the Foreign Minister of the archipelago, Jean-Paul Adam.

Prince Charles, 65 years since a few days, direct heir to the throne of England has represented for the first time Queen Elizabeth II, aged 87 years, at the Commonwealth Summit that was held in Colombo.

Laurent Chinaud

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