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Seychelles: Minister of Tourism Alain Saint-Ange conducted a visit on the island of Praslin to meet professionals in the sector

The Minister of Tourism of Seychelles, Alain St. Ange
The Minister of Tourism of Seychelles, Alain St. Ange
The Minister of Tourism of Seychelles, Alain Saint-Ange, continued this past weekend his visits of proximity - began last March in the heart of the archipelago - by moving the field from several establishments and structures of restoration of the island of Praslin.
The Minister of tourism and the Culture of Seychelles, Alain Saint-Ange, and the Director of the Office of tourism of Seychelles alongside managers and other departmental employees thus carried out displacement "personalized" closer to the expectations of professionals in the sector and to directly interfere in the concrete reality of the tourism field of Seychelles.
Alain Saint-Ange, who is committed to personally respond point by point to the various issues and questions raised by stakeholders in the tourism sector during these travels of proximity was especially accompanied for the first time by Freddy Karkaria, president of Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHTA).
"We were able to hear and understand the problems encountered by the trade on the island of Praslin together by going directly to the source... We can thus identify and identify priority issues... ", said the Minister of tourism, Alain Saint-Ange, at the outcome of these meetings.
As a reminder, 230.272 tourists visited Seychelles in 2013, an increase of 11% over the previous year.

Laurent Chinaud

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