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Seychelles: Last revision of electoral lists before a change of the law in the archipelago

The electoral lists in Seychelles are revised for the last time in the archipelago, as is presently the case from 12 to 29 January 2015, deadline to sign up on the electoral lists of Seychelles whose country counts some 90,000 inhabitants.
The proceeding which took place since twenty years in this manner will soon be replaced by electoral lists modifiable during the calendar year after the adoption of a law to that effect in the National Assembly last December.
"This is certainly an improvement, citizens can now sign up at any time. In the old system, the electoral list was often outdated and lacked in credibility", recently said David Peter the leader of the Mouvement démocratique populaire (PDM).
As a reminder, in the archipelago three main political parties occupy the local political arena, the Parti Lepep who holds the reins of power since 1977, and the opposition regrouped around the Seychelles National Party and the Mouvement démocratique populaire (PDM). The Parti Lepep currently holds an absolute majority in the National Assembly of Seychelles with 31 seats against only 1 for the Mouvement démocratique populaire.


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