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Seychelles: Growth of 15% of tourist arrivals since the beginning of the year

Since the beginning of 2015, 103,258 travelers visited the archipelago of the Seychelles, representing an increase of 15% in comparison with the figures recorded over the same calendar period in 2014.
The French tourists, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, China and Russia were the first visitors to currently come and spend many holidays in the sun in the tropical paradise of the Seychelles destination.
As a reminder, 232,667 travelers had visited the Seychelles in 2014 in comparison with 230,272 tourist arrivals registered in 2013, representing a slight increase of 1.04%.
Country                     Number Visitors (1 January to 24 May 2015)
France                              16817
Germany                          13643
Italy                                     7437
Arab Emirates                   6857
China                                  6598
Russia                                 6029


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