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Seychelles: Confirmation of the existence of potentially significant hydrocarbon zones in the exclusive economic zone

The first results of seismic studies in 3D in the exclusive economic zone of Seychelles have attested to the existence of hydrocarbon zones "potentially significant", as already put forward the data from the previous study in 2D, recently communicated the Australian oil company WHL Energy.

The surveyed exploration block Juno is located 115 kilometers south-east of the island of Mahé.
The fully compiled data should become available in early 2015 and the Australian oil company hopes to begin drilling in the course of next year.
The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands in the heart of an exclusive economic zone of 1.3 million square kilometers in shallow waters. The Seychellois authorities have agreed to grant offshore exploration rights to the company WHL Energy.


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