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Seychelles: A postcard sent from Praslin Island takes 19 years to arrive safely in Loire-Atlantique

Photo Ouest-France newspaper
Photo Ouest-France newspaper
A map posted in the Seychelles in 10 June 1996 has finally arrived to its recipient residing at Saint-Lyphard in Loire-Atlantique.
It's on June 30, 2015 that Maria Theresa Anezo took possession of the postcard sent by her cousin who is now 90 years, while she was on a trip in the archipelago 19 years ago. The postcard went from Grand Anse of Praslin situated on the island over 7,700 kilometers from France.
"I did not realise over the moment. But on reflection, I had as a slight doubt. I phoned to thank him appropriately for his nice card," explains Marie-Thérèse Anezo to Ouest-France newspaper.


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