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Seychelles: A monument of freedom to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the independence of the archipelago

Photo Seychelles News Agency
Photo Seychelles News Agency
The Seychellois president, James Michel, inaugurated last Sunday a new monument dedicated to freedom in the context of the celebration of the 38th anniversary of the independence of the Seychelles celebrated each year on June 29.
Located in the heart of Victoria on the avenue of June 5, the bronze statue by the Seychellois sculptor of British origin, Tom Bowers staged a man and a woman wearing over their heads Seychellois flag banner, as Seychelles News Agency reported.

"We have the duty and the obligation to protect and promote the achievements of our 38 years of our independence. The freedom gained by our people following the painful struggle could prove futile if we do not overcome divisions unnecessarily created by political polarisation. One the day of independence, allow me to repeat myself, belongs to all Seychellois without exception", recalled in his speech the Seychellois president James Michel.

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