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Reunion: swimming prohibited, retained on all beaches of the island

Reunion: swimming prohibited, retained on all beaches of the island
The beaches of Saint-Paul, l’Ermitage and la Saline were highly frequented this weekend. The municipal by-law which prohibited swimming did nothing to deter enthusiasts. 

 The high temperatures during the period of holidays and weekend have attracted a large crowd on the beaches of the island in the aftermath of the passage of the tropical cyclone Dumile, about 100 miles from the coast of reunion. 
The health risk to swim is still present as long as water samples confirm the danger to the health of swimming.

This Monday morning at Roches Noires and Boucan Canot,the sea still bears traces of the unleashing of natural elements, with turbid water. "A small area of beach is accessible, just enough to sunbath, nothing more... and water, there is the shower!", joked a lifeguard lifeguard. 

 At St. Peter's, we are awaiting new results of analysis on the last samples taken. "Despite the doubts about the quality of the sea water, some come to swim. Security forces are forced to monitor sites.", said a MNS.

The water is also blurred at Saint-Leu and Étang-Salé. Despite a dazzling sun and an ideal temperature for the practice of swimming, we suggest caution in recalling that "the water is green! The ravine-side continues to drain into the sea... New sample of water have been taken this morning, in the meantime, people need to be reasonable, or else be ready to encounter skin diseases! ", says a MNS." 


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