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Reunion: pre cyclonic alert triggered on this Tuesday at 7p.m.

At 4 p.m. this Tuesday 29 January 2013, a tropical depression was situated at 760 km from the island by 14.0 degree south and 55.1 degree East. Considering the forecast track and intensity, this low pressure system presents a potential threat to the department in the coming days. As a result, the Prefect of the island decided to trigger the level of "pre-cyclonic alert" of the ORSEC plan from this day at 19h.

Reunion: pre cyclonic alert triggered on this Tuesday at 7p.m.
With the passage of the recent cyclone "Dumile," the prefect of Reunion draws particular attention to the fact that the surface layers are saturated with water, the first rains could generate waves of rapid flood of ravines, rivers and ponds. This could also promote the outbreak of landslides.
At this stage it is recommended to:
• Keep informed regularly on the progress of the phenomenon by following the weather forecast on the radio or television or answering machines of Météo France: 08 92 68 08 08 for weather forecasts
08 97 65 01 01 for the point cyclone;
• Do not take long hikes in the mountains or out at sea;
• Check the stocks canned, bottled water, batteries, and medicines for people under medical treatment;
• Do not approach the shore in case of waves;
• Check the roof and closures of residential premises;
• Check the securing of machines, tools and materials at construction sites;
• Make sure you know the number of the shelter closest to your home in need by calling its municipality;
• Contact the usual health establishment for people undergoing medical treatment, especially renal and respiratory failure.
Useful Telephone Numbers: SAMU 15, 18 Firemen, Police and Gendarmerie 17.


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