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Reunion: Who are the winners of the Challenge of Agences Réceptives Partenaires 2013 ?

Organised by the IRT, the Challenge distributors 2013 now knows its winners! Reunionese receptives agence were thus awarded in four different categories but with a common criterion: the sale. And the winners are…

Throughout the year 2013, the receptive agencies of the island participated in the Challenge distributors 2013, implemented by the IRT. The objective of this challenge: boosting the distribution network and thus increase sales of partner agencies.
Receptive agencies in competition:
-           Connections Réunion
-           Papangue Tours
-           Bourbon Tourisme
-           Mille Tours
-           Alizoa Voyages
-           Comptoir Corail
The latter have thus competed in four distinct categories:
- Best turnover achieved
- Best progress achieved
- Best seller
- Best seller progression
February 4, 2014, results have been announced to participants by the IRT who presented diplomas to the winners.
The results:
- Best turnover achieved : Papangue Tours
- Best progress achieved​​: Connections Reunion
- Best seller: Christelle Mussard - Papangue Tours
- Best seller progression: Sophie Catherine - Mille Tours
On this occasion, Papangue towers and Connections Reunion have presented each a trophy made by Valérie Heinis of the Art of Marquetry Workshop. Christelle Mussard of Papangue Tours and Sophie Catherine of Mille Tours are seen to offer a PassKdo of a value of € 250.
Congratulations to the winners of the Challenge distributors 2013 and rendez-vous next year to the results of the Challenge distributors 2014!


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