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Reunion: What if a Hollywood blockbuster came to shoot a film in Reunion?

The visit has gone unnoticed but it has its importance. Carn Burton, Manager of Britain origin specialising in cinema, came for a week to Reunion to discover the advantages of our island. Objective, sell our landscape strongly adapted to shoots for English and American producers.

Invited by the Region and l’Agence Film Réunion, Carn Burton came to the island for a week discovering potential new locations for the upcoming blockbusters to come. This Commissioner, who began working at the end of the 1990s, has a pretty impressive CV!
He has worked on several Hollywood blockbusters such as the latest James Bond (SkyFall), the latest films of Tim Burton or the Steven Spielberg feature film War horse.
In short, an experience of great movies, but above all one more chance for the island to be discovered by international producers.
Because as any good manager, Carn Burton will return to producers in search of decorations to present them photos taken around the island. Between Plaine des Sables, the volcano, circuses, forests ... the list is long and could be interesting for directors for their next films.
Who knows? Could we have in the coming years the shooting of a James Bond or else cross in the forest of Bébour an Ewok escaped from the next Star Wars.

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