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Reunion: Thirteen young ambassadors for the island

Thirteen students were awarded the title of Ambassador of Runion Island from the hands of Patrick Serveaux, vice-president of the l'Île de La Réunion Tourisme (IRT) on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, on the site of Lazaretto at Grande Chaloupe. On the island under the Youth Exchange program, organised by Rotary International, these students coming from six different countries were able to discover culture, home and living together on the island.

The choice of the Lazaretto site is not made by chance. Entry point of immigrant populations in the island, the Lazaretto of the Grande Chaloupe is an emblematic site in the history of the settlement of Reunion Island. With its steep-sided and isolated situation and thus easy to monitor, Grande Chaloupe was chosen as a place of quarantine. Throughout the 19th century, the site welcomes workers hired from India, China, Madagascar, Africa and the Comoros to develop the cultivation of sugar cane.
Today, thirteen young people of Germany, Egypt, the Czech Republic, Madagascar, Rodrigues and Lithuania trample to turn the historic ground of the Lazaretto of the Grande Chaloupe. Since 12 March and until March 19, 2014, these students selected by the Rotary clubs of their country of origin, discover the island through its culture, its people, its economy, its natural heritage, its history...
 It is for them to exchange their return with their entourage on specificities related to the reunion island territory. The Youth Exchange program started in the 1920s under the leadership of European Rotary clubs. Each year, more than 8,000 participants benefit from this program through 80 countries worldwide. Note that it is the first time that the island is involved in Rotary International's Youth Exchange program.
Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Max Stilp (Germany), Mohamed El Kharbotly (Egypt), Ondrej Peroutka (Czech Republic), Antso Mushtaq Rafaela (Madagascar), Herimahatsangy Andriantsoa Ramalanjaona(Madagascar), Marie Sandra Casimir (Rodrigues), Mindaugas Tarnauskas (Lithuania), Laurynas Suodaitis (Lithuania), Raphael Wullai (Reunion), Amandine Vaulry (Reunion), Steve Zafarison (Reunion), Ahamed Aboulazzi (Reunion) and Andri Taneja (Reunion) have been sacred Ambassador from Reunion by the IRT. Their new missions: make known, make love and to adopt the destination through their respective routes.  

Reunion: Thirteen young ambassadors for the island


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