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Reunion: The tourism potential of Reunion Island defended in Paris

Jacqueline Farreyrol, Senator and President of the (Ile de La Réunion Tourisme) continues with the French government and the office of the president of the Republic. In Paris in order to defend the tourism potential of the destination, it was able to meet the Minister of the overseas as well as the Adviser to the president of the Republic for the overseas.

Jacqueline Farreyrol went to Paris with the aim of advocating the cause of tourism to the island of Reunion. The program for this week's events: an encounter with Victorin Lurel, Minister of overseas territories, and the Advisor to the President of the Republic for ultramarine, Marc Vizy.
During these interviews, Jacqueline Farreyrol notably heckled her interlocutors on the following points:
The issue of accessibility of island's territory for tourists from emerging markets (China and India), due to the visa policy of the State;

- The question of opening the airspace to allow both a diversification of customers and lower air fares;

- The issue of territorial organisation and regulatory which follows the structure of the offer. It should be noted that the Strategic Orientation Committee Tourist (COST), which includes the President of the Regional Council, the President of the General Council, the President of the IRT and the Prefect of Reunion takes concerted and consensual decisions for future of tourism in Reunion. These decisions are approved by the prefect.

Jacqueline Farreyrol wants the State to be able to focus more quickly on the Reunionese case "because it is in the development of tourism and so our island's economy", she recalls. 
Following a Ministerial Decree of February 7, 2013, it is more necessary today for South African nationals wishing to travel to the island, for a short stay visa. A step forward for the destination with direct consequence an increase of 33% of the South African visitors.

This advance could extend to other markets like China and India, with the establishment of a year of experimentation for these two territories. A proposal who has been listening to Marc Vizy and which will be examined by the ministries concerned.


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