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Reunion: The Villa Mascarine * Gets the Green key eco-label

Reunion: The Villa Mascarine * Gets the Green key eco-label
The charming guesthouse Villa Mascarine *, located in the snails at Saint-Leu, will sport this year also the Green key, 1 environmental label national and international eco-label for tourist accommodation and catering. A nice recognition, in this week on sustainable development, for this institution that participates actively in collective awareness in environmental matters.
The interest of the public for ecological issues continues to grow. 58.2% of the French thus place the environmental criterion as a factor of choice predominant for their accommodation (survey BVA opinion in April 2011).
Certified since 2009, the Villa Mascarine * positively meets the criteria of the Green key label. Through a comprehensive environmental policy as well as headlights tailored actions, is to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment:a

• Install flow restrictors on showers, washbasins and sinks;
• Installation of double flushing water saving;
  • Replacement of all our incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent;
• In Phase two, the gradual replacement of compact fluorescent bulbs with LED;
• Installing twilight sensors and an astronomical clock;
• Monthly monitoring of water consumption and electricity to correct abuses;
  • Breakfast: yogurt, homemade jams and butter and unpackaged sugar pastries;
• Exclusively local mineral waters and craft beers brewed in Reunion;
• Use of eco-labeled detergents and measured quantity;
• Selective sorting of waste, composting and recovery of batteries and accumulators hosts;
• Management cumulus fine depending on occupancy;
• Pre-feasibility study for the production of solar hot water co-funded by the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME)
• Remove the sprinkler;
• Recycling of our ink cartridges printers;
• Hosting in an eco-friendly service;
• Each strategic decision or purchase, take into account the environmental dimension
• Awareness hosts an eco-friendly approach in the welcome drink;
• Detailed Environmental Policy in the home each accommodation booklets.
Thanks to these measures since 2009, daily water consumption Mascarine *** Villa was reduced by 73% and overall daily energy consumption was reduced by 19%.
Green key Label
First international environmental label since 1994, the Green key label is present in 36 countries and assigned to nearly 2,000 facilities, making it the most represented in the world label. France is leading with nearly 800 institutions of green key label!
The label is awarded to tourist accommodation (campsites, hotels, gites, bed and breakfast, tourist residences) and restaurants that warrant an independent jury of experts from environmental management performance, continuous and dynamic.  


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