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Reunion: The Roland Garros airport recorded a decline in passenger traffic in February

Reunion: The Roland Garros airport recorded a decline in passenger traffic in February
Roland Garros Airport in Reunion announces in a statement the passenger traffic numbers recorded for the month of February 2013, a decrease of 16%:
Passenger numbers fell by 16% in February 2013 at the Airport of Reunion Roland Garros marked by a decline in overall capacity offered by companies (the number of aircraft movements decreased by 17.5%).
This sharp decline is mainly due to the virtual disappearance of the passenger traffic in transit (408 against 5627 a year earlier), which concerned only in February, the line-Reunion-Mayotte Marseille operated by XL Airways).
In February 2012, traffic was fueled by the Paris- Reunion –Mauritius of Corsairfly, Paris-Reunion-Sydney-Noumea of Air Austral and Tananarive -Reunion- Mauritius of Air Madagascar.
The number of local passengers (beginning or ending their trip to Reunion) is down 12.5%.
The main flow of traffic (metropolis-Reunion) decreased by 12.6%, as the attendance line Saint-Denis -Plaisance (-4.4%), that of several regional lines and line Reunion -Bangkok (enriched with a stopover in Chennai from 19 February).
The decline was exacerbated by a statistical effect: the month of February 2012 had 29 days in February 2013 against 28 (low season, 4 000-5 000 passenger movements take place daily).
Increases in attendance, however, are noted on the axes Mayotte, Seychelles and Comoros.
In the first two months of the year, changes in the number of passengers is -7.9%, in a context of declining capabilities offered by the companies over the long haul as the medium-haul (- 12% in total), linked in particular to the implementation of agreements on code share.
Freight tonnage is down by 7% in February with a steeper decline in tonnage shipped (-14.2%) and landed (-4.8%). Cumulatively since January, the tonnage decreased by 12.9%.
As a reminder, smoothed average, annual growth in the number of passengers stood at 3.5% since 2001.
In its forecast, the Airport of Reunion Roland Garros board on an average increase of 2% in passenger numbers until 2025.


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