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Reunion: Reunion Island in the media tour of France asset in Germany

Each year, the service asset France Press organises the "media tour". IRT (Reunion island of the tourism), through its German antenna located in Francfort, participated in this event from different regions of France. The media tour visited five German cities, among the largest in the country.

Five cities were selected by the press department Atout France in Germany on the occasion of the annual "media tour" which took place from 10 to 14 February 2014.

Many parts of France, including the island of Reunion, were invited to meet the German media in Berlin, Cologne, Francfort, Hamburg and Munich. Prestigious places have been chosen to host these press events: the Museum of communication in Francfort, Cologne Sport Museum or the Museum of emigration in Hamburg.  
In total, 250 journalists and bloggers alike responded to the invitation by asset France to discover the goings French regions expose their headlights for the year 2014 news.

Annika Heckler, assistant communication, promotion and press of the IRT in Germany, has presented the destination of Reunion in the Assembly of journalists nightly for three minutes.
A workshop was also established to meet the expectations of the media. During these evenings, the concept of the whale route associated with the Vanilla Islands, ecotourism, crafts and local products, beer Bourbon via its German designer Gerhardt Avanzini, as well as scuba diving, were particularly highlighted.

The media tour allow to enter in contact with journalists. It is designed to draw their attention to the innovations and news of French regions and relational links with the German press, for from future individual press trips or group.


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